November 6, 2010

friendship lasting forever, enemies oh never........

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this entry special dedicated for those can be called a friends,
that would definitely never end,
someone whose just always be there for me,
a bit more than me understand myself at all,
 alwes havin a stupid fight and craxy times we do,
the most memorable moment never removed in mind,
and when we're together its nothing but totally fun !

its not about whom you have known the longest,
its about who came and never left by my side,
and there to support me to laugh, smile and live for.....

so here's to define a friend:
the crap we talk
the guys we stalk
the way we shop
laugh we cant stop
the goxip we spill
the singing like we are superstars
we will stay together till the end......aminnnn 
the gretest fren is you....,
thanx much for being my fren...
p/s: no one can replace my girls !!

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