June 13, 2013

Watch, Vote and Win to Watch ManUtd Live !

Mencari Ramli 2 will be broadcasted weekly on TV3 every Friday from 7.30PM-8.00PM from 19 April onwards with 12 episodes in total. Guess what? You also have a big chance to stand win a great prizes provided by the organizers. You may refer to the previous entry to find more about the hits tv programme, Mencari Ramli 2.)

Voting Contest (For Public)
14th June 2013 onwards,
There’ll be a voting contest for the public to vote for your favourite Ramli (30 Finalists featured in the show)
-      Grand Prize (For Mencari Ramli 2 Voting Contest ONLY)  - All expenses paid trip to watch Manchester United play a match at one of these locations (Bangkok, Sydney/Yokohama/Osaka/Hong Kong).
-      Weekly prizes to be won (MU Merchandise)

Instructions on How to Vote
eg: VOTE5 RAMLI05 – Submit 5 votes for Mencari Ramli 2 Participant Number 05.
      VOTE RAMLI07 – Submit 1 vote for Mencari Ramli 2 Participant Number 07

***Voting contest period : 24 May - 28 June 2013
**Free of charge on the first time you submit your vote(s) (Regardless of the number of votes)
*Cost – 1 Vote = RM0.50, 5 Votes = RM2.00, 10 Votes = RM3.50

Top 3 rankings of RAMLI 1-30 will be revealed :
Once every week on Mencari Ramli 2 show
Twice every week on Mencari Ramli 2 website (http://www.tm.com.my/teammalaysia/MR2/)

The winners of Mencari Ramli Season 1

Latest episode of Mencari Ramli 2

The Ramlis

Who is gonna be a Malaysian's favourites Ramli? Cast your vote now supporters! Ehem, my favourite 'Ramli' is Khaizuran because of he is very young talented boy and cute! Hehe. Well, thats how i imagined about Ramli. Young man with the charm attraction, very dedicated and talented same as David Beckham. Somehow, Mazwan@Obama can be a nearest competitors to Khaizuran.

Funny side of Mazwan.

Watch Mencari Ramli 2 as details :

Date : Setiap Jumaat
Time : 7.30 petang hingga 8.00 malam
Channel : TV3 (103 di HyppTV)

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June 14, 2013 at 11:12 AM

ooohhh ur joining??/ heheheh

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