July 13, 2013

Tahniah Kepada Para Pemenang Mencari Ramli Musim ke-2


Tahniah kepada ketiga-tiga para pemenang Mencari Ramli musim ke dua setelah beberapa minggu bersiaran setiap hari jumaat di TV3. Episod akhir telah pun bersiaran pada 12 Julai 2013 selama 1 jam dari 6.30 hingga 7.30 petang. Korang tengok tak? Kami pon tak tengok sangat sekadar fokus di penghujungnya. Yelah sibuk di dapur. Kekonon... Ngee

Tahniah Kepada Para Pemenang Mencari Ramli Musim ke-2 

Dua pemenang diumumkan melalui pemilihan juri profesional dan seorang pemenang melalui undian penonton. Ada kan kami dok cerita dalam entry yang lepas bagaimana nak mengundi Ramli feveret korang. Ketiga-tiga pemenang akan terbang ke Manchester United Soccer School pakej dengan biasiswa. 

Wah bestnya. Semoga kembali ke Malaysia dengan ilmu dan sharing-sharinglah dengan kawan-kawan yang lain ya hehe. Tahniah lagi sekali kepada semua pemenang Mencari Ramli Musim ke 2 ini.

June 13, 2013

Watch, Vote and Win to Watch ManUtd Live !

Mencari Ramli 2 will be broadcasted weekly on TV3 every Friday from 7.30PM-8.00PM from 19 April onwards with 12 episodes in total. Guess what? You also have a big chance to stand win a great prizes provided by the organizers. You may refer to the previous entry to find more about the hits tv programme, Mencari Ramli 2.)

Voting Contest (For Public)
14th June 2013 onwards,
There’ll be a voting contest for the public to vote for your favourite Ramli (30 Finalists featured in the show)
-      Grand Prize (For Mencari Ramli 2 Voting Contest ONLY)  - All expenses paid trip to watch Manchester United play a match at one of these locations (Bangkok, Sydney/Yokohama/Osaka/Hong Kong).
-      Weekly prizes to be won (MU Merchandise)

Instructions on How to Vote
eg: VOTE5 RAMLI05 – Submit 5 votes for Mencari Ramli 2 Participant Number 05.
      VOTE RAMLI07 – Submit 1 vote for Mencari Ramli 2 Participant Number 07

***Voting contest period : 24 May - 28 June 2013
**Free of charge on the first time you submit your vote(s) (Regardless of the number of votes)
*Cost – 1 Vote = RM0.50, 5 Votes = RM2.00, 10 Votes = RM3.50

Top 3 rankings of RAMLI 1-30 will be revealed :
Once every week on Mencari Ramli 2 show
Twice every week on Mencari Ramli 2 website (http://www.tm.com.my/teammalaysia/MR2/)

The winners of Mencari Ramli Season 1

Latest episode of Mencari Ramli 2

The Ramlis

Who is gonna be a Malaysian's favourites Ramli? Cast your vote now supporters! Ehem, my favourite 'Ramli' is Khaizuran because of he is very young talented boy and cute! Hehe. Well, thats how i imagined about Ramli. Young man with the charm attraction, very dedicated and talented same as David Beckham. Somehow, Mazwan@Obama can be a nearest competitors to Khaizuran.

Funny side of Mazwan.

Watch Mencari Ramli 2 as details :

Date : Setiap Jumaat
Time : 7.30 petang hingga 8.00 malam
Channel : TV3 (103 di HyppTV)

Mencari Ramli Seasons 2

WHAT IS Mencari Ramli ?

Mencari Ramli is a search for the country's most promising football talent, in an effort to elevate the standard of Malaysian football, fueled by the passion and enthusiasm of football fans across Malaysia proudly brought to you by Telekom Malaysia (TM) and support by Team Malaysia.

The first season of Mencari Ramli in 2012 saw 30 young footballers scouted from the Bukit Jalil Sport School to showcase their footballing talent, where two winners were drafted into the Harimau Muda Under-21 team and another finalist landing a stint as a striker in the U.S. Arezzo football club Under-17 team in Italy.

Mencari Ramli Season 1
The young footballers
The show

The winners of Mencari Ramli Season 1

The Ramli's

The winners at ManUtd Soccer School

Mencari Ramli Musim 2 is a follow-up to the first season's programme, this time extended to a nationwide search for talent via a series of events at 12 locations across Malaysia. A group of top 30 talents will be selected for the finals, where two winners will be chosen by the judges and one through public voting, to win the trip to the Manchester United Soccer School and also visit Old Trafford and a three year scholarship to attend Frenz United Football Academy.

Selected from the thousands of aspiring and talented young football players in Malaysia, the winner will receive a placement in the Manchester United Soccer School.


Stadium Mini Jitra  
1st– 3rd Feb    
Padang Majlis Perbandaran Taiping
16th - 18th Feb  
Stadium Mini Manjung   
23rd - 25th Feb   
Padang Kelab Kilat TNB 
2nd - 4th March   
Kompleks Belia & Sukan Kuantan
9th - 11 March
Kompleks Sukan Gong Badak 
15th - 17th March
Padang Mawar, Pasir Gudang, Johor
23rd - 25th March     
Stadium Sultan Muhammad ke IV
5th – 7th April      
Kuala Lumpur
Padang Victoria Institution
20th  – 22nd April  
Stadium Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
27th - 29th April        
Stadium Hang Tuah
11th - 13th May      
Padang B Petrajaya Kuching
18th -20th May


A docu-reality series that is looking for Malaysia’s Best Footballer under 16, that will be sent to the Manchester United Soccer School to be trained and groomed to become “Ramli”, the next Malaysian football talent.

-      Provide a platform for young footballers to realize their football dreams
-      Help to raise the standards of local young football talents
-      Get parents to see the potential in their own children and provide a solid support system.
-      To encourage the Team Malaysia spirit through this reality show.

Who is Ramli:
-      A Malaysian boy below the age of 16 and is extremely skilled and talented at playing football. A team player and inspiring leader with a great attitude and passion for football.

Ramli could be..
-      He could be the best goal keeper.
-      He could be the best defender.
-      He could be the best midfielder.
-      He could be the best striker
-      But what we are searching for is the most talented player.

What I only hope for this Ramlis Most Wanted is, he will definitely can beat all the legendary players all around the world and could be the best talented and favourite Malaysian footballers players all over the world. Go Ramli go. With the continuous support from Team Malaysia, I believe all Malaysian dreams can be achieved. Fighting!

Official website of Mencari Ramli 2 at http://mencariramli.com.my/teammalaysia/mr2-phase2/bm/

From 30 young players, only one final fight will be held to choose 3 winners. Who is worthy to go to the Manchester United Soccer School? Do not to forget to watch for a second season of Mencari Ramli 2 on TV3 every Friday at 7.30pm to 8.00pm. For more info, kindly visit to:

Facebook : Team Malaysia
Twitter : Team Malaysia
Website : Mencari Ramli

September 23, 2011

Ramli dari Malaysia Join Chelsea Pulak Lah~


Wah tatkala daku menaip entry ini memang terasa bangga gila yaang teramat sangat buat misi Mencari Ramli. Mungkin korang agak ketinggalan zaman, namun nasib baik adanya daku yang kacak ini sudi berkongsi khabar baik ini. Tahniah buat Ramli kerana terpilih antara barisan pemain yang terunggul untuk kelab Manchester United. Sungguh terharu okeh. Silalah menonton video terharu ini...

Tahniah buat Ramli. Tahniah juga TM! Tak suka MU. Go Chelsea! Sila pindah ke Chelsea Ramliku!~cayok cayok. (giler besar font kan?)

ps :: Kenyataan itu bermula dari angan-angan. keke

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